UPDATES as of November 20th, 2018 

Fall is a busy time of year with litters being born, breeding for spring litters and getting ready for winter with extra hay or shavings in huts for warmth and heat lamps for little ones as well as a whole host of other chores. Yes our pigs are spoiled and pampered to the core! We wouldn’t have it any other way and that is why they are HAPPY HEREFORD HOGS.

Our first fall litter was on October 11, 2018 with the parents being CoCo and Okie. She had a total of 8 piglets, 5 males and 3 females. All have been spoken for except for one female as of this date.

Our second litter was on November 17, 2018 with parents being Duchess and Okie. She had a total of 4 piglets, 3 males and 1 female. None have been spoken for as of this date. We will leave the largest one or two males intact as boars to be sold as breeders.

One of the gilts we sold in the spring went on to the State Fair in Little Rock, Arkansas and won Grand Champion in the Market Division Hereford Class and Grand Champion Purebred Division Hereford Class. Her name is Sadie. We bought her back and she is currently bred with Okie and will have early March piglets from her. Another gilt was sold to a 10 year old girl in Louisiana. She won Grand Champion at a county fair and was used by her owner to win 2nd place in Showmanship with only a 10th grader beating her. CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE WINNERS. Pictures will be coming soon on the WINNERS page.

Penny and Daisy are both bred with Okie and expecting piglets from them early February and mid March.

We Artificially Inseminated CoCo with Taco Truck semen from Shaffer’s Gold Rush in Indiana. We are expecting piglets from her in mid March.

        UPDATES as of September 19, 2018 

Thank you to all of our customers who bought our two spring litters.  These two litters were all spoken for with deposits, one to two months before they even hit the ground.  This is why we don’t have individual pictures of the piglets. 

 If the same holds true for our fall litters they will go fast, so get your orders in now.  We are expecting our first fall litter around October 10.  This is CoCo bred with Okie.  Our second litter around November 16.  This is Duchess bred with Okie.

We have two new gilts.  A pair of sisters, Daisy and Penny.  Their sire is Fresh Look.  He is the Grand Champion Hereford Boar at the 2016 Indiana State Fair.  They will be bred this fall for piglets in the spring of 2019, hopefully farrowing starting in February.


Hereford Hogs - The Heritage Breed - The Way God Made Them

Located in Booneville, AR we are one of the few Hereford Hog Breeders left in Arkansas. All of our pigs are Purebred Registered Hereford Pigs. Each of our Hereford Hogs are also ASH certified. That means that each of our breeders have been tested and confirmed negative for Brucellosis and Pseudorabies. Record of blood testing and negative lab results are provided by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission. 

We love to educate people on the breed and it has become our goal to raise all natural grain fed hogs. The recipe we are currently using is one we designed ourselves that does not contain any animal by-products or meat; this prevents disease and protects purity.  We have a gilt whose sire was a full littermate to the 2015 Indiana and Ohio Grand Champion Buckeye. 


Interested In Feeder Hogs? Raising your own feeder hogs is actually not too complicated. The three necessities you will need are

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Piglets for Sale

Come check out our latest litter of Hereford Happy Piglets! We sell piglets for show and feeder butcher pigs.

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Our Breeders aren't just any ol' hogs! Our boar is an offspring of the 2014 Indiana and Ohio Grand Champion

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What our clients are saying...

Wanted to send a big thank you to Daniel at Happy Hereford Hogs. We were pleased with the quality of the hog we received. Daniel's attention to detail shows in the health of the animal. The purchase was handled in a professional friendly manner. Everything Daniel told us was accurate and delivery to the slaughter house was available.

-Michael Hammonds

As I am sure you remember we bought a half of a hog from you recently. The pork has been excellent! It has certainly been nice knowing the hog was raised without and hormones or additives. As for the experience, you were attentive and very accommodating to our needs. We have had a great experience and will be looking forward to another hog come spring!

-The Edwards Family

Thanks Daniel I am pleased with the new addition to my farm my new boar Twin Peaks he is everything you said he was and more, and I am grateful for the knowledge and the time you shared with us when we picked up Twin Peaks, The pride you take in your animals show in their quality. I look forward to doing business with you and Happy Hereford Hogs in the future.

-Abe & Molly Wyant

I grew up eating homegrown pork raised by my grandparents and can testify as to how much better it tastes than the products of large Factory farms. I purchased 2 pigs from Johnson's Triple H Farm this past year and can guarantee they provide a great tasting quality product. The pigs are not fed animal by-products or growth hormones, are very well treated, and grow up with plenty of space in humane conditions. I like the fact that you can reserve a feeder piglet (or half a piglet) and they will raise it to Market weight and have it processed for you. Daniel, the owner, is very accommodating and is a true example of an ethical Humane Heritage- breed farmer. Highly recommended.  

-Richard Bartlett, Ft. Smith

We are so pleased with her disposition, and can’t say enough great things about this purchase! She’s healthy, alert, and has such a gentle personality. We are definitely enjoying her addition to our small farm!

-Jennifer Cook

I would like to send a big shout out to the Happy Hereford Hog Farm for our newest addition to our family (Abe). He is everything we wanted great disposition, much depth, solid muscle structure, and beautiful in his color true to the Hereford Breed. He is everything you describe in our many conversations prior to sale and Daniel spent the time to share with us knowledge on grooming and feeding practices of his piglets normal routines so there would be no interruptions on his feeding regiments. It was apparent that Daniel takes great pride in his show animals as his quality of piglets is outstanding. I look forward to doing more business with the Happy Hereford Hogs Farm in the future.  

-Angela Dancer

Triple H Farm for an amazing buying experience. Mr. Daniel, you were so helpful and honest.  It was a great pleasure meeting with you. The gilt my daughter purchase - she perfect with a wonderful, loving, and friendly personality. If anyone looking for Hereford pigs I highly recommend Triple H Farm! 

-Melanie Bailey

Thank you, Daniel and Triple H Farm for an outstanding Hereford gilt. Daniel was very friendly and helpful. The Hereford gilt we purchased for our daughter is healthy, handles easy, and has a great personality. Overall, the buying experience and quality of pig makes Triple H Farm a definite farm to buy from. I would highly recommend!

-Heather Tullos

Daniel and Andra thanks for producing a fine quality tasty product, we have been very pleased with the results you have achieved in producing high quality, Hereford Hogs. The experience we have had has been very pleasant and we will continue to purchase your hogs in the future as well as refer friends and family to you. The conditions that your hogs are raised under set a fine example of how animals should be raised and proof that doing so produces a far better product. Thanks

-Jeff Gonyea

A Day at The Happy Hereford Hog Farm

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